About Us

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Musical Excellence

Hello, I am Gerald Holden, a professional saxophonist and Jazz musician based in the United States. Inspired by Jimmy Ellis and Von Freeman, I started playing saxophone when I was just in the 4th grade. I have been playing professionally for over two decades and have made appearances in several music shows and events across the nation.

Gerald Holden
Gerald Holden

Passion & Experience

My passion, coupled with my past work experience as an evidence technician, has helped me build a successful career in music. The saxophone is still considered a very niche instrument in the music industry. I am here to popularize my art, grow my fanbase, and present my unique creations to a wider audience.

Instruments of God

I believe we are all instruments of God. I adopt a family-oriented approach to music and strive relentlessly to make the best use of the natural talent that I have been blessed with.

I want more, not for me but for us.

My music comes from what I do every day and what I have been through in life. In addition to providing solo stage performances, I also collaborate with bands to light up all kinds of private and corporate events.

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